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Choose the Best Car Lenders Exton PA, Has to Offer​

It’s important to have an excellent purchase experience and get a good deal on the vehicle you want. In most cases, you must deal with car lenders.

Exton residents can still test drive the cars at the dealership and decide what they want to buy, but Chester County Auto Finance will help you get the credit you need quickly.

Most people run into a problem because of bad credit, which means they can’t find a suitable auto lender. Exton, PA, residents can still get a great experience when they work with us!

There are many ways to get to our PA location, and Lincoln Hwy. is just one of them! Let’s learn more!

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Why Are We the Best Bad Credit Auto Lenders in Exton, PA?

Can I Get a New or Used Car Financed through Your Company?

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to purchase a used or new vehicle from a dealer. Simply find the one you like, make sure it’s a price you can afford, and contact us.

You will move on with your life quickly and enjoy your new purchase.

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What's the Actual Purchase Process Like?

It’s often hard to say what the actual purchase process might be like, as it depends on various factors. However, this is generally how it goes:

  • Visit the dealership and find a car you love at a price you think you can afford.
  • Drive the car to get a feel for it. Consider doing a full inspection before you commit.
  • Talk to the salesperson and let them know you’re financing. If you have another vehicle to trade at the dealership, you will work that out with them.
  • Get approved for a loan through us by providing proof of residence, income, and insurance. You’ll also have to submit a copy of your driver’s license. It will be a quick and great experience.
  • Once that’s completed, you could be approved for your car financing in 45 minutes or less. You don’t even have to leave the business; it can be done while you’re waiting. Most auto lenders in Chester Springs can’t do that!

What's Bad Credit Mean?

There’s no one-rule-fits-all for determining a good or bad credit score. However, the model can vary. Generally, a score under 650 will trigger higher interest rates and scrutiny of your credit history with auto lenders. You may even deal with high down payments from dealers.

If your score is less than 650, it’s often more complicated to receive an auto loan, which is why we’re here to assist.

Most auto lenders look at various factors, and your credit score is only one of them. For example, they’ll consider home ownership, length of employment, current time at your address, debt/income ratios, and much more.

Tips and Considerations

We always recommend that people review their credit scores for free before they shop for a vehicle. You might find a mistake recording, which will raise your score slightly. This can help you get the best terms for your financing needs.

We’re one of those auto lenders that go above and beyond your score. In fact, we may not even review it at all! Our goal is to ensure that you can access loan options while on our site.


What Should I Consider When Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit?

Knowing you have bad credit is the first step. Now that you understand this, you can make appropriate choices that will give you lower interest rates and down payments when possible.


1. Check Your Scores

It’s wise to check your credit score before looking at cars. This is what most auto lenders see and offers a snapshot of your overall creditworthiness. Ensure the information is correct and report a mistake recording if you find one.

In some cases, you can improve your score before you search for a car at a dealer. However, this can take time, and you may need a quick solution. We’re helpful in this situation!

2. What You Can Spend

You should also determine how much you can afford to spend on a car. This is wise advice for anyone, but it’s critical if you have weak credit.

Once you know the price range you have, it’s easier to find something that meets your requirements from the dealer. Factor in things like maintenance, taxes, insurance, and fuel.

3. Save Money

Generally, it’s helpful to start saving money as soon as you can. Dealerships might require a higher down payment for the purchase if your credit score is weak. However, if you apply for a loan with us, you will show that you’ve got enough money to cover the cost. A dealer is often more willing to work with you when you prove you’re taking the right steps initially.


Do I Need a Cosigner?

Though most people think a cosigner is the best solution, it’s often a bad idea for both parties. If you’re unable to pay the loan amount each month, it falls on the cosigner to do so for you. In most cases, that leads to bad blood between you both.

Why Choose Chester County Auto Finance

It’s tough to be turned down by various auto lenders, but it’s important to keep trying. We understand your concerns, so we never send a person away. Whenever you apply for a loan, we do whatever we can to get you into the vehicle you love most.

Whether you come to our office via the Lincoln Hwy. or apply online, you’ll be ready to put money down and drive away in your car. In fact, we can get people approved quickly, even if they’ve got bad credit.

Are you ready to get started and enjoy an amazing purchase experience? Please call (610) 918-8511 and speak to a representative.